Sunday, October 21, 2012

Patience Rewarded

This is my entry for the next writer's challenge on the Harlequin boards. I'd love some feedback if anyone is interested in reading it.

Friday, October 5, 2012

One Day Only! Get Mourning Sun Free

Why not spend your day off from school (Columbus Day in the US) with a book?
Mourning Sun will be free for Kindle on October 8, 2012.  I hope you'll pick it up and enjoy reading it!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Voting Starts Today!

Voting for the 2012 So You Think You Can Write Contest sponsored by Harlequin Romance Starts Now!

I'd love for you to vote for First Sin is Vengeance:
But the important thing is to go vote for the best pitch/first chapter! You can vote once a day, so be sure to head back to the site to vote each day from October 2-11.

Monday, September 24, 2012

I entered the So You Think You Can Write Contest

and I'm freaking out just a little bit about it ;).

A long time ago (more than a decade at this point), I sent an unsolicited manuscript pitch to Harlequin and received the coveted "request for full" reply. While that book ultimately was turned down (and rightfully so), that letter has been a driving factor in my continuing to write and write and write.

The contest at this stage requested a pitch (100 words or fewer) and the first chapter (5000 words or fewer). I did it. If I progress, I have to have the book finished by October 12 (which will be pushing it, but I can do it...I wrote the first drafts of the first six Highland Home books in six weeks). I want to progress. I want to WIN!!!!

Voting begins October 2, 2012, but you can read my submission (and all of the others as well) on the website.

I hope you'll check out First Sin is Vengeance. Feel free to let me know what you think and as always, clicking that little "like" button always helps.

Thanks for your support!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Want to read a chapter of a new book?

I'm wanting to enter a contest for Harlequin and I would love some feedback on the first chapter I want to use for the contest. Are you interested in reading such a thing? If so, let me know and I will send it to you. The book is young adult, paranormal with time travel.


Get your Highland Home eBooks Autographed!

Through the service, Kindlegraph, you can now get all your Highland Home eBooks (that's right, ebooks) autographed by me personally!

All you have to do is go here: and choose which book you'd like to have me autograph. Be sure to include the name and any other information you'd like included in the inscription in the request.

And best of all? This service is FREE. The only thing it might cost you is if you have the autograph sent to your kindle using your kindle email, Amazon may charge a small delivery fee (you'll want to check your amazon account for that information). The autograph and the delivery to your regular email are always free.

Also, if you already have a PRINT copy of one of the books, you can still request an autograph and I will be happy to sign it for you! You'll get the same PDF file as anyone else who requests the service. Then you can either store it or print it out and put it in your print book.

Kindlegraph also keeps your autograph collection together for you so you can retrieve them whenever you like.

I hope you'll check out the service and request autographs for all the Highland Home series books.

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Win an eBook Reader, Loaded with the Highland Home Series!

So, I thought a little incentive for helping Mourning Sun crack the top 100 for Free Kindle books might help.

IF Mourning Sun cracks the top 100 in Free Kindle Books before the free sale is over on September 18, I will do a giveaway for an eBook reader preloaded with ALL of the Highland Home Series. That means you get Eternal Sun, Mourning Sun, Captured Sun, Seven Days, Banished Sun, and Nine Lives PLUS this supercool eBook Reader (color may vary depending on availability, but I intend to order RED).

All that has to happen for this giveaway to go live is for Mourning Sun to crack the top 100 in Free Kindle Books. So, if you haven't downloaded it yet, get it. Share the link with everyone you think will enjoy it and ask them to download it too. Get the word out and you'll get your chance to win this great prize!

Help Mourning Sun Crack the Top 100

Get Mourning Sun FREE for Kindle Through September 18, 2012

So yesterday I was super excited to see that Mourning Sun was #1002 on the Free in the Kindle Store list. Then it was #883. Imagine my joy when I awoke this morning and it was #374!

I really want to see Mourning Sun crack the top 100 so it will get on the Top 100 list and get more exposure.

Want to help that happen? All you have to do is download Mourning Sun and share the link with anyone you think might enjoy the book as well.  Since Mourning Sun is FREE until September 18, this won't cost anyone anything, but it sure will help out an indie author with a passion for her work. Remember, you don't have to own a kindle to read kindle books. There are Kindle apps for android and iOS, plus you can now read most books in your browser.

I hope you'll click the link and download the book. While you're there, feel free to click the like button and agree with some tags if you have a moment. Those two tasks are great ways to help out indie authors too.

Thanks in advance and enjoy Mourning Sun. I know I love Mairin and Mathias. I hope you will too!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Get Mourning Sun FREE Sept 16-18

Mourning Sun will be free for Kindle from Saturday, September 15, through Monday, September 17.
Download and read the first installment of the Highland Home Novels. Fall in love with Mairin and Mathias and then follow their journey with Captured Sun, Seven Days, Banished Sun and Nine Lives.

Check out details of Mourning Sun HERE.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nine Lives Is On Tour!

Did you know that the Highland Home Series is on a Virtual Book Tour right now? Check out these participants!

Virtual Book Tour September 10 - September 14th

September 10 - Reading Addiction VBT Blog - Meet and Greet
September 10 - Up All Night Reviews - Review/Guest Post/Giveaway/Excerpt
September 11 - The Solitary Bookworm - Review/Guest Post/Excerpt
September 11 - My Cozie Corner - Review/Giveaway
September 12 - Crazy Four Books - Review/Guest Post/Giveaway/Excerpt
September 12 - Moosubi Reviews - Review/Guest Post/Giveaway
September 13 - The Book Lover's Report - Review/Giveaway
September 13 - Wonderland Reviews -Review
September 14 - Simple Books - Review/Interview

Sept 10 RDB
Just another rabid reader.

Ruby’s Books

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Sept 11-18

September 11 Interview
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September 12 Promo
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September 13 Guest blog
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September 14 Interview
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September 15 Guest blog
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September 16 Promo
Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

September 17 Guest blog
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September 18 Guest blog
Fang-tastic Books

Celebrate Highland Home Giveaway

Get an autographed copy of Mourning Sun or all five eBooks in the Highland Home series by entering my giveaway. The entry is easy and painless. Winners will be drawn on September 19, 2012.
Good Luck!

Add Nine Lives on Goodreads!

Nine Lives

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Timeswept--A beginning

Ten pages...chapter one...finished today. I'm not certain I'm really done for the day, but I know my butt is numb from the hard chairs at Starbucks and if I drink any more coffee, I'm going to explode.

It's moving well, this new book. I thought I was going to have trouble getting started because I'd had a very brief false start a couple of days ago, but right now, I know where the story is going and I think I know how I'm going to get there.

Wish me luck, everyone. If I get enough requests, I might post part of the first chapter for y'all to read :-)

Who should play Mathias?

So, if someone were to make a movie of the Highland Home Novels, who do YOU think should play Mathias?
I've chosen a few actors, but don't limit yourself to my choices. If you think there's a better actor for the part, let me know! Vote for your favorite or add your choice to the list. The poll is on the sidebar of this blog.

The four actors I've considered are:

Taylor Kitsch--I loved him in The Covenant

Alex Russell--I thought he was awesome in Chronicle

Steven Straight--From The Covenant

Josh Hutcherson--The Hunger Games

Monday, September 10, 2012

Thank You!

You know that moment...the one where you've done something you're proud of and you pray that everyone else thinks it's great too? I've had those moments all day long. I know someone won't like the Highland Home books, but those who do mean so much more to me right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you to every single reader who has enjoyed the books and loved the characters. YOU are the reason I still put fingers to keys and create new worlds.

Please like my author page at Facebook to follow the blog tour as I share Nine Lives: The Fifth Highland Home Novel with everyone. And know that every comment, every star, every review means the world to me.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Help me spread the word about Highland Home

Are you a blogger? Would you like to help an indie author spread the word about her work? Please grab these banners and links and help Mairin and Mathias reach more readers.

Support the Kickstarter Project HERE
Hi. I'm Shari Richardson. I'm an independent author and I've written a series of Young Adult Paranormal novels called the Highland Home Series.
This series represents many things for me. It is the first series of novels I've ever written and completed. It contains characters who are often my response to how young men and women are currently represented in young adult fiction. And these books address both the day to day issues of teens and the larger ideas of free will and the battle between good and evil.
Beyond the sort of heavy duty stuff I have mentioned, the Highland Home Novels are a fun read for any age.
This Kickstarter project is being started to help me get the funding necessary to have printed copies of the books made so I can do a book tour at small, independent book stores in late 2012, early 2013. My goal for this tour is not just to get my books out there in readers' hands, but to promote independent authors and book sellers. The face of publishing is changing and without collaborations like these, both independent authors and book sellers face an uphill battle to get their names known.
The rewards are simple. Choose your level and get books. What better reward is there? If you love to read, even if Young Adult Fiction isn't your cup of tea, support a writer and other readers by supporting this project.
The more money I can raise, the more book stores I can go to. The minimum funding is for one stop at a local independent book seller with only 20 copies of each of the books. With more funding, I can arrange for more stops.
Thank you for your support.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I had an idea earlier and now it's blossomed into the beginning of a brand new series. Bad thing is, I have to hold it until I get Nine Lives out, but I'm looking forward to this new series.

I need Bloggers for the Nine Lives Release Blitz!

Are you a book blogger? Would you like to participate in the Release Blitz for Nine Lives: The Fifth Highland Home Novel? Sign up at this link: Every blog which participates in the blitz will be able to give away an eBook collection of all five Highland Home Novels. I am also willing to do interviews and guest posts and will offer review copies if you want to review the books as well.

I hope you'll join the blitz brigade and help me get the word out about Nine Lives.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Seeking Reviewers and Bloggers

Are you a blogger or book reviewer? I am looking for YOU! Use the form below to request a review copy of any of the Highland Home books and let me know what you think.

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Win The Highland Home Omnibus

Starting today, you can win your own copy of the Highland Home Omnibus. The Omnibus contains Mourning Sun, Captured Sun and Seven Days in one ebook. Be sure to come back everyday to increase your chances of winning!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Half Off The Highland Home Omnibus

Get the first three Highland Home Novels in one eBook at Smashwords for half Price!

Coupon KB35D

I've Joined The Independent Author Network!

Check out my page and see the other great authors in the network!

Shari Richardson on The Independent Author Network

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Promotional Videos

I've completed the promotional videos for Seven Days and Banished Sun. I hope you enjoy them!

The Seven Days Promotional Video

The Banished Sun Promotional Video

Captured Sun: The Second Highland Home Novel is on sale!

In preparation of the release of Nine Lives in September, Captured Sun: The Second Highland Home Novel is on sale at Smashwords for only 99 Cents. Use this coupon code when you purchase the book: GK66P 

The Kobo Sale will do the same.

These sales will last until August 21, 2012.

Happy Reading Everyone!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Nine Lives Cover

This is the corrected cover for Nine Lives. This book was a tough one for me to work on. It's just a squeak away from being ready to go and I hope with the next couple of days off, I can finish it up and have it ready for an early September release.

You still have time to pick up the First Highland Home Novel, Mourning Sun for FREE at
Click HERE to get it.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Plan ahead! Mourning Sun will be FREE on Kindle Monday, August 13, 2012. Get it free and fall in love with Mairin and Mathias while I prepare book five for publication.

Get Book 1 of the Highland Home Series for your Kindle for only 99 Cents! Fall in love with Mairin and Mathias in Mourning Sun.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Need some feedback please...

So I'm working on something and I'd really appreciate it if you would read this little bit and let me know what you think. I feel a little investment in the story and character, but I want to know if after reading this bit, you'd want to read more.

Thanks in advance. I look forward to hearing from you.

The thick smoke lodged in his throat, stopping his breath. The screams of the dying and frightened echoed in the dim light filtering through the blackness. His heavy eyes drooped and he knew that slipping into the depths of unconsciousness would be as easy as closing them only once.
Sinon Cavenaugh sat up in bed, the echo of Avery's scream still thumping in his brain. He ran his hands roughly through the thick auburn hair he'd inherited from some long-dead ancestor and swung his legs out of bed.
Three years after his wife and son died in the first of Agro's riots, Sin, as he was known to his friends and enemies, still woke to their screams nearly every morning. Only the fact that he was still working to find the man who started the war in which they had died kept him from putting a bullet in his head and joining them.
Sin shook himself and headed for the shower. The scalding water washed away the last of the nightmare, but not the pain that remained from that day. As he washed, Sin ran through the litany of tales for each scar. Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Khatan City.
The last, a long and jagged line which ran from the top of his right hip to the inside of his right knee, was the most painful for many reasons. As the newest, this scar still ached. As the reason he hadn't been able to save his wife and child, this scar screamed with agony.
The phone rang while he was shaving and Sin swore as he nicked himself.
"What?" he bellowed.
"Dude, you really need to find a way to calm down," Jimmy Brant said, laughing. "I just called to see if you needed a ride to the office today."
"Damn, yeah, I do, Jimmy. The jeep went belly up last night and I can't get it to the shop until next week."
"Then no worries, my original Sin brother, your chariot will await you in ten minutes."
"Thanks," Sin grunted and ended the call. Jimmy was a morning person. Sin hated morning people.
Sin hurried to throw on his uniform. The Kevlar vest was fraying on the shoulders, but it was far too comfortable and too old of a friend or him to consider replacing. The damned suit and silk tie his employer insisted on were another story. He'd be just as happy to throw them on the next riot fire he saw.
With one whispered "I love you," directed at the photograph of the lovely blonde woman and small ginger boy, Sin shut the bedroom door and went to wait for Jimmy.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Something rolling around in my brain this morning

Pain of the body is sharp, but pain of the soul is deeper.
It is only when the pain of the body stops us from acting to save our soul that the pain becomes exquisite.

Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm giving away Smashwords copies of all of the currently available Highland Home novels in preparation for the release of book 5, Nine Lives.

Enter the Giveaway Here.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Today's Tarot Reading

In the Health position
Hidden health; physical and emotional.

Meaning: Change expands your awareness and magickal ability as you embrace the harmonious interaction of the elements in constant motion.

In the Health position
Visible health; physical and emotional.

Meaning: Try to keep despair and doubt under control; walk through these trials knowing they will end and new opportunities for happiness will come.

Seeker of Water: Nimue
In the Attitude position
Hidden mental attitude.

Meaning: A young woman with an active imagination and insight is willing to help you. Stay centered and own your own power. Flow toward new experiences, moving past the ordinary reality into Otherworldly dimensions.

In the Attitude position
Visible mental attitude.

Meaning: Opportunities for new beginnings are swiftly coming to the seeker. Use them wisely and in a positive way to gain a better life for yourself.

In the Relationships position
Hidden relationships.

Meaning: Messages requiring quick thinking and action are on the way. Sudden journeys may be necessary.

The Mother
In the Relationships position
Visible relationships.

Meaning: Your ideas and desires come to fruition with the proper cultivation and care.

In the Career position
Hidden career.

Meaning: Your state of consciousness is centered, and you no longer find the need to swing back and forth between polarities.

In the Career position
Visible career.

Meaning: Beware of using trickery or deceit, for your actions will be exposed, bringing disfavor and penalties down upon you. Open your eyes and face reality now, or pay a heavier cost in the future.

In the Spirit position
Hidden spiritual path.

Meaning: Affairs move swiftly, and passage away from problems as well as travel are indicated. You are able to bridge the gap between worlds.

In the Spirit position
Visible spiritual path.

Meaning: A time of feasting and celebration, Sustenance encourages you to accept the earthly and divine gifts that are given to you and to be more consciously aware of them.

Seeker of Air: Cliodna
In the Outcome position
Outcome of the present path.

Meaning: A time of renewal and beginnings, it is essential to listen to your inner voice and move in the direction it leads you. You may find yourself feeling totally exposed as you have nothing left to fear.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Highland Home Smashwords Sale

Get the Highland Home Novels at for only 99 Cents Each!

Use these codes to get each of the Highland Home Novels at Smashwords for only 99 Cents.
Links to each of the books can be found HERE.
Mourning Sun: PH33G Captured Sun: AW74R Seven Days: AR93V Banished Sun: FA68F

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Get Banished Sun for YOUR Reading Preference

This link will take you to a bundle where you can see all the links to Banished Sun. The Nook link will be added as soon as the book has been processed.

I am seeking reviewers for Banished Sun. If you are interested in reviewing the book, please contact me at

Friday, June 8, 2012

Back on Smashword

So I decided to go back to having my books available on Smashwords. You can now get all but the newest Highland Home book HERE. Banished Sun will be available on Smashwords soon. Look for the announcement.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Get Mourning Sun FREE Today

Is free today in celebration of the release of book 4 of the Highland Home Series, Banished Sun.

And if you miss the free book day on Mourning Sun and want to save some money, remember the Omnibus is available. It contains all 3 of the first books for one low price.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Banished Sun is Now Available

Eternity. How many times since Mathias came into my life had I considered it? Had I not taken risks that would have left us together for eternity? What I hadn't expected was to have the choice taken from us. 

Vampires are independent creatures and the old ones definitely don't like being bound to a human. When an ancient vampire comes to Highland Home bent on Mairin's desctruction so he can free himself from his bond to her, Mathias is forced to choose between what he is and who he wishes to be.

Here Comes Banished Sun

The Fourth Highland Home Novel, Banished Sun will be available within the next few days. To celebrate, Mourning Sun, the First Highland Home Novel, will be available free from the Kindle Store on June 7, 2012.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Long Road Home

A brief flash fiction about two men going home after battle.

Never Look Back

I'm hoping this is just the beginning of a new productive period. I'm leaning toward short stories and flash fiction for right now, just because that seems to be where I am in my writing and what is fitting into my life. I hope you'll check out my story, "Never Look Back" at Wattpad.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Not an April Fool--One Day Only Mourning Sun FREE

April 2, 2012 only, Mourning Sun will be available FREE for your Kindle.
Don't miss Captured Sun and Nine Lives, books two and three in the series. Book four is slated for a June release, so get to know Mathias, Mairin, Kerry and Xavier.

Monday, March 26, 2012

I figured it out...

So the struggle I was having earlier, I figured it out.

Trella wants to tell her own story, not have me tell it for her. I struggled through the beginnings of the first chapter because it was in third person. When I switched to first person, it rolled. Now I just need the folks at work to leave me alone long enough on my days off to actually write for the next two days.  Keep talking to me Trella. Your story is one I want to share!

I hate this part...

So I have what I know is a good idea. I have good characters...characters who are so anxious for me to tell their tale that they've invaded my dreams. I have a plot, a conflict, settings, all the ingredients. What I don't have is the ability to focus. I keep wandering around in the idea but I can't nail it down. I can't get the ideas to settle enough to be happy putting words on the screen.
This is a good story to be told. It's an old concept with new twists. The characters are superb. Why won't my brain focus?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Looking for Beta Readers for Banished Sun

I am looking for some folks willing to read Banished Sun and help me catch the errors and issues I can no longer see after having read and edited this book as many times as I have.

I would like to have readers willing to make notes and send the notes to me so I can look at the problem areas and make the appropriate changes.

If you are interested, email me at The book you receive will be in ePub format, so you'll need to have a program able to read it. iBooks works, Overdrive should work as well. I know Stanza isn't supported anymore, but if you still have it, it will work as well.

Thanks in advance.


Get The Highland Home Omnibus for 25% off!

Regularly $7.99, The Highland Home Omnibus (which includes Mourning Sun, Captured Sun and Seven Days) is on sale now for $5.99.
Check it out :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Are you an Amazon Prime Member?

If you are, you can BORROW the Highland Home Omnibus for FREE.  Get it HERE.

Two hundred twenty two downloads for Seven Days. Thank you everyone.
I hope you all enjoy the books. Look for a sale on the omnibus(all three books in one) coming up on Thursday. Just think, you could read the Highland Home series while you wait to see The Hunger Games. :-)

One last day of free

Thank you so much to those who downloaded Captured Sun yesterday. I hope you enjoy the book.

Today you can get Seven Days for free on Kindle (remember the kindle app is available for all platforms so you don't need an actual kindle). Seven Days will give readers the chance to get to know Kerry and Xavier better.

If you missed Mourning Sun and Captured Sun, I hope you'll pick them up so you can read the tale from the start.

I'm working on Banished Sun which will take the tale to the next step. Nine Lives should be ready by Christmas as well.

Happy reading!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Humbled and Pleased

I can't adequately express how I feel about nearly 700 people downloading Mourning Sun from Kindle yesterday. That means that nearly 700 more people have the opportunity to fall in love with Mairin and Mathias and hopefully follow them through the rest of their story.

The response to the free download has certainly motivated me to step up my editing and polishing efforts for book 4 - Banished Sun. After it is ready, I will work on editing book 5 - Nine Lives and then book 6 - Two Suns.

Deadly Illusion, book 7 is at the very beginnings of the editing stages and may take a different direction once I'm finished with editing Nine Lives and Two Suns. I've been thinking about that lately and thinking that perhaps the radical shift in location and characters would be too jarring for readers of the series. I like the characters, but don't love them the way I love the East Hampton and Highland Home characters.

I'll keep you posted. Don't forget, you still have time to get Captured Sun for free today at

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Writing in different genres...

So it has been a long time since I wrote non-fiction. I actually had a book finished in 2007 and took it on a trip to edit it, never got around to it and then put it away. I've pulled that book back out and I'm thinking of finishing it finally. I'd like to have it done by September when I go to a conference at which this book's subject would be appropriate, but I don't know if I can. I'm going to work on it as much as possible, make the changes necessary to reflect my reality rather than the reality of the situation I lived in when I wrote the book, and add in the community responses I got the last time I thought about working on this book.

Wish me luck.

A gift to all readers!

As part of my coming back to writing and promoting my books you will find the first three Highland Home books will be available for FREE on Kindle on the following days:

Free March 20, 2012

Look for book four, Banished Sun, to be available at the beginning of May!