Monday, September 17, 2012

Win an eBook Reader, Loaded with the Highland Home Series!

So, I thought a little incentive for helping Mourning Sun crack the top 100 for Free Kindle books might help.

IF Mourning Sun cracks the top 100 in Free Kindle Books before the free sale is over on September 18, I will do a giveaway for an eBook reader preloaded with ALL of the Highland Home Series. That means you get Eternal Sun, Mourning Sun, Captured Sun, Seven Days, Banished Sun, and Nine Lives PLUS this supercool eBook Reader (color may vary depending on availability, but I intend to order RED).

All that has to happen for this giveaway to go live is for Mourning Sun to crack the top 100 in Free Kindle Books. So, if you haven't downloaded it yet, get it. Share the link with everyone you think will enjoy it and ask them to download it too. Get the word out and you'll get your chance to win this great prize!