Monday, September 24, 2012

I entered the So You Think You Can Write Contest

and I'm freaking out just a little bit about it ;).

A long time ago (more than a decade at this point), I sent an unsolicited manuscript pitch to Harlequin and received the coveted "request for full" reply. While that book ultimately was turned down (and rightfully so), that letter has been a driving factor in my continuing to write and write and write.

The contest at this stage requested a pitch (100 words or fewer) and the first chapter (5000 words or fewer). I did it. If I progress, I have to have the book finished by October 12 (which will be pushing it, but I can do it...I wrote the first drafts of the first six Highland Home books in six weeks). I want to progress. I want to WIN!!!!

Voting begins October 2, 2012, but you can read my submission (and all of the others as well) on the website.

I hope you'll check out First Sin is Vengeance. Feel free to let me know what you think and as always, clicking that little "like" button always helps.

Thanks for your support!