Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Support the Kickstarter Project HERE
Hi. I'm Shari Richardson. I'm an independent author and I've written a series of Young Adult Paranormal novels called the Highland Home Series.
This series represents many things for me. It is the first series of novels I've ever written and completed. It contains characters who are often my response to how young men and women are currently represented in young adult fiction. And these books address both the day to day issues of teens and the larger ideas of free will and the battle between good and evil.
Beyond the sort of heavy duty stuff I have mentioned, the Highland Home Novels are a fun read for any age.
This Kickstarter project is being started to help me get the funding necessary to have printed copies of the books made so I can do a book tour at small, independent book stores in late 2012, early 2013. My goal for this tour is not just to get my books out there in readers' hands, but to promote independent authors and book sellers. The face of publishing is changing and without collaborations like these, both independent authors and book sellers face an uphill battle to get their names known.
The rewards are simple. Choose your level and get books. What better reward is there? If you love to read, even if Young Adult Fiction isn't your cup of tea, support a writer and other readers by supporting this project.
The more money I can raise, the more book stores I can go to. The minimum funding is for one stop at a local independent book seller with only 20 copies of each of the books. With more funding, I can arrange for more stops.
Thank you for your support.