Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Today's Tarot Reading

In the Health position
Hidden health; physical and emotional.

Meaning: Change expands your awareness and magickal ability as you embrace the harmonious interaction of the elements in constant motion.

In the Health position
Visible health; physical and emotional.

Meaning: Try to keep despair and doubt under control; walk through these trials knowing they will end and new opportunities for happiness will come.

Seeker of Water: Nimue
In the Attitude position
Hidden mental attitude.

Meaning: A young woman with an active imagination and insight is willing to help you. Stay centered and own your own power. Flow toward new experiences, moving past the ordinary reality into Otherworldly dimensions.

In the Attitude position
Visible mental attitude.

Meaning: Opportunities for new beginnings are swiftly coming to the seeker. Use them wisely and in a positive way to gain a better life for yourself.

In the Relationships position
Hidden relationships.

Meaning: Messages requiring quick thinking and action are on the way. Sudden journeys may be necessary.

The Mother
In the Relationships position
Visible relationships.

Meaning: Your ideas and desires come to fruition with the proper cultivation and care.

In the Career position
Hidden career.

Meaning: Your state of consciousness is centered, and you no longer find the need to swing back and forth between polarities.

In the Career position
Visible career.

Meaning: Beware of using trickery or deceit, for your actions will be exposed, bringing disfavor and penalties down upon you. Open your eyes and face reality now, or pay a heavier cost in the future.

In the Spirit position
Hidden spiritual path.

Meaning: Affairs move swiftly, and passage away from problems as well as travel are indicated. You are able to bridge the gap between worlds.

In the Spirit position
Visible spiritual path.

Meaning: A time of feasting and celebration, Sustenance encourages you to accept the earthly and divine gifts that are given to you and to be more consciously aware of them.

Seeker of Air: Cliodna
In the Outcome position
Outcome of the present path.

Meaning: A time of renewal and beginnings, it is essential to listen to your inner voice and move in the direction it leads you. You may find yourself feeling totally exposed as you have nothing left to fear.