Friday, December 20, 2013

I have released myself from the Ninth Circle of Hell!

I made the decision yesterday to leave the ninth circle of hell that was my full-time job. I have been thinking of leaving for some time, but had been waiting for there to be a new full-time job to take its place before I left. However, yesterday's events prompted me to leave without that safety net. 

I had been thinking I'd stay...tough it out...but then a little voice in my soul screamed, "Coward!" How will I ever know if I'm good enough, prolific enough, to be a writer full-time if I don't leave this hell and find out. So rather than sacrificing my dignity and allowing the organization to continue to suck my life, creativity, and soul dry, I very politely told them I quit, handed over my keys, and left. 

Now comes the really scary part...trying to make the bills on two part time jobs and my royalties (which right now only cover one bill each month). I'm scared, but I'm free.

from Shari Richardson