Wednesday, December 18, 2013

First Edition Edits--On the Way to the Editor Now

Leaving the grotto soon. The massive edit of the first edition of Mourning Sun is finished. The second edition will be so much better than the first was. I'm a better writer now and knowing more about where the story is going now than I did when I wrote the book has made it better.

Mourning Sun is no longer just my answer to everything that was wrong with Twilight. Now Mourning Sun really and truly is book One of the the Highland Home I can only hope my readers adore as much as I have loved writing it. 

These are the characters I have loved since I first began dreaming of them in 2009. These are the stories I have wanted you, the reader, to know since they first were told to me by Mairin and Mathias. When the second edition is released, you'll find so much more to love. I promise!