Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Cast of Highland Home

I started seriously thinking about this and voicing my desires to the universe on New Years. I want to get this down before I forget who I wanted for each role.
I am only as limited as I believe I am, therefore, I am unlimited. I will be successful and someday I will see my characters on-screen.

Celina Sinden as Mairin Cote
Heroine of books 1,2,4

Torrance Coombs as Mathias Auer
Hero in books 1,2,4

Adelaide Kane as Kerry Cote
Heroine books 3, 5

Toby Regbo as Xavier Meyers
Hero in books 3, 5
 Jamie Campbell Bowers as Alfred Tallmadge
Mathias' mentor
 Johnathan Rhys Meyers as Gino
Body Guard and Entourage for Mairin and Mathias

Kevin Zeggers as Malachai
Antagonist in books 6, 7

Lily Collins as Iceni Cote-Meyers
Heroine in book 6
 Gerard Butler as Lane Cordero

 Tom Hiddelston as Caine

Caitlin Stacey as Megara
Megan Follows as Gaia