Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Series

I thought after I finished Two Suns I would want to write Between Worlds...I meant for Between Worlds to be the capstone of the Highland Home and East Hampton Trilogies.
Madam Muse, is a fickle thing though, and while I'm struggling to sketch out Between Worlds, the idea for a new series came to me and the first book is sketched out.
Just at the Highland Home and East Hampton Trilogies intertwine with each other the Midland Heights books will touch the other trilogies at some point...likely coming to an end where Two Suns the characters the place they need to be a part of Between Worlds.

There are other differences in these books from the first two trilogies, the most significant is the main character is a male. I hope you love Derek and root for him from page one. I know that even though I haven't yet written his tale, he will become as dear to me as the characters from Highland Home and East Hampton have.

Enjoy the cover and preview it gives you while I go off to get started on the last chapter so I can write the book :) (I write the last chapter of my books first, and then go back to the beginning).